Version 2 is now released
Faster With Better Performance Than Earlier Version
Upgraded to improved new design
Much Simple To Use & Understand
Offers great new features

We Have Made A Great App

SchoolGap now presents its Mobile Application as well.

What's New In 2.0

We are please to announce the new design, simple & a faster SchoolGap version release.
Mobile Application
Online Attendance Facility
Send & Receive Online Leaves
Complaints About Teacher/Students
Helpful Resources for Studies
Creative Student’s Activity Updates
Cloud Storage
Online Results
Push Notifications
Live Chat

Amazing Features

Everything you need to know

Mobile Application

Introduced to provide a simpler way to collect and organize all the data at one place in your hands and so that you can always stay connected

Online Attendance

Serves the purpose of immediate notification of absence or presence to the parents. Parents can check complete attendance record of their children online

Online Leaves

Write and post leaves about your children in minutes and immediately get response from teacher about approval or rejection


For better future of our students, we ensure great performance of the teachers, by giving parents an opportunity to complain or share their problems about teachers directly to the principal


Teacher post online assignments or homework in minutes and immediately share the details with the class and students have immediate access to all the materials & instructions


Parents can watch their children participating in the creative class activities online. Teachers can post all the pictures, videos and parents enjoy watching at home

Cloud Storage

Download all your school relevant documents from a dedicated storage for your school.

Online Results

Online results of the students can be viewed by parents to track the progress of their children

Push Notification

Keep teachers, students and parents in the loop. When teachers/students/parent post anything, others get instant notification so that nobody miss a thing


Continue conversations beyond the classroom. Parents teachers and students can chat with each other individually or in groups. It’s a whole new way for students to raise their hand


Online documents of homework, worksheets, weekly plans, assignments, presentations, projects, quiz , they are all organized in one place, making it easy to review and grade

Event Calendar

Complete list of events along with their details will be published in event calendar on website and mobile application

Admin Panel

Efficient admin panel can now manage teachers, parents and students very easily just by few clicks


Get multiple insightful reports, helps in making better & faster decision.

What Else

What else you need? Tell us in our support section.

On Your Desktop. On Your Mobile. On Your Mac.

For everyone’s ease and convenience we provide all the possible versions of our application schoolgap. Its now available for desktop, mobile and MacBook. Simply download it from app store, or Google store and here you Goooo!!

Learn How To Start

Learn App In A 30 Seconds
  • Step 1
  • Login Credentials
    The first thing that will get u started is the username and password, which will be provided by the admin, if not then ask them to give
  • Access
    Log in from webpage or mobile app according to your convenience
  • Thats All
    That’s it, now just by clicking you can access all the user friendly options like attendance reports, documents, activities, resources, weekly plans etc
  • Isn't It Kool?

What We Have For Parents

We provide parents great piece of mind by letting them know about their child’s presence at school. As soon as students’ attendance is being marked by the teacher, parents will get notifications at the very moment
When the students will get homework, assignment, notification will be received and they can check it from the student’s profile
Parents can watch live activities of their children either on webpage or on mobile application
Parents can contact teachers easily by sending them text messages on schoolgap anytime anywhere
Parents can also directly send messages to the principal about any problem or complain about the teacher
Just by sitting at home parents can send online leaves of thier children to teacher and also can check its status
Can check previous attendance record
Immediately can check exam results

What We Have For Teachers

Teachers can mark attendance online which will save time and effort
Can receive online leaves from parents and immediately reply
Build assignments, quiz and assign homework or projects to students and post online
Teachers can complain or give suggestions to parents about their children at any time through messages
Can post live pictures and videos of the creative activities, events, celebrations to ensure students development on daily basis
Post results online so they don’t have to deal with individual student and save time
Provide children with any kind of knowledge or information by giving them online links to study and learn more and more

What We Have For Students

Students can download & submit their documents like homework, assignments, projects, weekly plans, event calendars, results, attendance list etc.
They can also get their resources in the form of online video links or any other material provided by teacher for their learning and knowledge
They can send messages either to their class fellows individually or in group. Also to teachers for discussions or to clear any kind of confusion or question
They can view their activities and performance at school to enjoy and feel good about them

Need SchoolGap For Your School?

Drop us an email and our representative will contact your directly
Goto our contact us page, and fill out the complete information and provide your contact information other than the required (if there is any).